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The churche of Christ salutes you . . . Roman 16:16
Leakey Church of Christ

About Us

The Leakey church of Christ is a family of believers in Jesus Christ who gather together to worship God, serve Him and love others.

We have several organized ministries available, there are many opportunities to be involved and serve others in Leakey.

At Leakey there are Bible Classes and other regular Bible Studies available each week. There are Bible Classes offered for the very young to mature adults. It is very important to us that each member is growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe every Christian is a minister and God has commissioned us to take the good news of Jesus to others. At Leakey every believer is challenged to live out and to share their faith. There are many opportunities in which to impact the lives of others through service and sharing.

At Leakey you will find imperfect individuals coming together to honor and worship our perfect God on a weekly basis. We find great joy in gathering to worship our Heavenly Father.

We are family! We love being together and enjoy each other’s company. At Leakey this is a great place to build relationships and enjoy the fellowship of other believers.

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